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Tide Pool Laminate Color

Tide Pool

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Bone Birch Laminate Color

Bone Birch

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Cappolino Grigio

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Learn the benefits of new laminate countertops today.

Cost effective

If you are on a tight budget, laminate is the way to go, it has the professional look but is a fraction of the cost of other materials.

Quickest turnaround time

Looking for a quick replacement to your countertops, laminate offers a quick turnaround time.

many options to choose from

Looking for options, we have many laminate options. We work with Wilsonart, Hi Macs, and so many others to give you options.

low maintenance

Laminate is a material that requires very low maintenance to it, you can get by without having to do much to it.

Sink Options

To learn about the different sink options that we can provide you with, check out our distributors site.